M.I. Seka has been in the auto industry for well over 10 years.  In that time he’s worked as a salesman, in management, a buyer, in marketing, in finance, and also as an entrepreneur. Has run dealerships as well as owned his own for a number of years.  Has seen countless salesmen come through the dealership only to leave broken and broke. All because they didn't have the drive, the attitude, enthusiasm, or the knowledge to achieve the six figure’s they were capable of.

The profession of an automotive sales advisor has tremendous potential due to the fact that there are  over 60,000 auto dealerships in the United States alone employing a sales force that is 95% unskilled.  Reading this book and applying the lessons inside can catapult you past the mediocre and on your way to making six figures in your first year as a professional.

This book is written with the newbie in mind to assist them cut down on the learning curve and to achieve their greatest potential as soon as possible.  Reading this book can help you take years off the time needed to truly become a professional and start earning the type of income that only a professional can. 

Within its pages are tips, techniques, and insight that will take a green sales advisor years to acquire.  The sooner you get on the road towards becoming a professional the sooner you can enjoy the incredibly high income and job security while investing very little money. 

In this book, he’s outlined simple tips, techniques, and insight into succeeding as a professional sales advisor.  Included are over 100 pages of scenario’s with dialogue explaining what the sales advisor should be doing, why, how, and the expected results. Most sales books will only tell you what and why you should do something but don’t go as far as telling you how or the expected results. 

The scenario’s are meant, to not only make reading this book enjoyable but also to help you understand the logic behind the concepts as well as give you experience that will take years to accumulate. 

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