Becoming an Automotive 
Sales Professional

A Real World Step-by-Step tutorial on succeeding in the 

Profession of Automotive Sales

M.I. Seka - 2014 Edition

·         The goal of this book is to help you, the new or average car salesman, that wants more out of life!  A successful and profitable     career! 

·        You are interested in turning your auto sales job into a real profession, the profession of automotive sales!

·        By reading this book and following it's teachings, you can become a successful sales professional!

This book contains over 300 pages of in-depth information

 all written in an easy-to-understand format.

·        Over 100 pages of sample dialogue and sales advisor responses

·        Over 100 pages of real world scenarios

·        Sample questions to ask during every step of the sales process

·        Ways to find customer's objections

·        The importance of communications

·        Rapport building techniques

·        Complete sales process

·        Keys to success

·        Finding common ground with your clients

·        Proper presentation & demonstration method

·        Information based on experience and skills

·        Help the client sell themselves

·        All written with an easy to understand format

·        General questions to avoid

·        General questions to ask

Save yourself time and money by educating yourself on how to succeed!

I wrote this book with the intention of turning the job of a car salesman into the six figure profession that it really is, the profession of an auto sales advisor.

This book takes a very deep look at the auto sales profession with real world scenarios, over 100 pages of dialogue, and the whole sales process from "hello" to "thank you for your business."

Auto dealership training courses are know to be quick and dirty, leaving the potential car sales professional with more questions than answers.  Dealership training is also meant to be very simple and cheap, as most car salesmen only last about three months due to lack of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Sales Training is not a simple task.  It is as much an art as it is a science.  To turn the average salesman into a professional takes sales training that not only requires what you should do, but also why and especially how.   Sales training or auto sales training takes real world scenarios, real world dialogue, as well as insight, rapport building, trust building, and much, much more.  

Proper auto sales training is the key if you want to earn the kind of money available to a professional.  Table of Contents shows in depth information regarding, sales training as well as automotive sales training.

·        There are over 60,000 new/used car dealerships selling well over 13 million vehicles a year

·        Ninety-five percent of the sales force are either uneducated, unprofessional, not enthusiastic, or have a job mentality that results in extremely high turnover and poor performance

·        This industry is ripe for the taking for a professional that has the proper Attitude, Product Knowledge, and Enthusiasm.

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