Make well over six figures, be highly sought after, have incredible job 

security with very little expense!

This Book is written with more information and insight into the profession of automotive sales as well as general sales than perhaps 15 of the top books on the subject.  All topics are presented in an easy-to-digest format with plenty of real world scenarios to help you cut through the clutter, reduce your learning curve and help you understand reasons behind the concepts.  Improved comprehension of the ideas presented, the course of action to take, and expected results will all help you succeed. 

The career of a professional sales advisor can be more lucrative than the average lawyer, doctor, politician or a CEO. 

The money is out there.  The opportunity is out there.  The only thing left is you and your ambition/drive.  I have outlined not just what you should do, but how and why you should do them. Other books or training material will only tell you to do certain things without fully explaining why you should do them or how or the expected results.

Success as a professional automotive sales advisor doesn't require an 

MBA, a four year degree, or expensive schooling.

The main ingredient is Drive!

·        The drive to have a career not just a job.

·        The drive to be a professional and not just an average mediocre individual

This book is about building a career and becoming a successful sales professional: The profession of an automotive sales advisor, with easy to follow and proven  scripts, techniques, and concepts.

Be careful of other books that promise you secrets, gimmicks, or grandiose promise's of success without any real substance, full explanations, real world scenario's, dialogue, how, why, and expected results. 

ü  I have been in the automotive business for well over 10 years, and this book is the culmination of my extensive knowledge and experience. 

ü   Over the course of my career, I've made my share of both major and minor mistakes—as do most people. 

ü  The important thing is that I've learned from my mistakes and can now share the lessons I've learned in order to help you in your         career as a professional automotive sales advisor.

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