1.    A Brief History of the Car Business

2.      The Business of Automotive Sales

    2a.        Basic/Relevant Terminology and Concepts

    2b.        The Dealership

    2c.        Types of Floor Systems

    2d.        U.P. System – Unsold Prospects

    2e.        The Life of a Professional Sales Advisor

    2f.         Stages of Typical Sales Advisor’s Career

    2g.        Sales Advisor’s Pay Plan

3.      Target Audience – Fear of Loss, Hope for Gain

    3a.        Types of Clients

    3b.        Universal Rules of Customer Service

    3c.        Ethics

4.      Keys to Success – Attitude, Product Knowledge, Enthusiasm

    4a.        Professional Attitude

    4b.        Product Knowledge

    4c.        Enthusiasm

    4d.        Other Keys to Success

    4e.        Goal Setting

    4f.         Daily Routine

5.      The Sales Process – Going from “Hello” to “Thank You for your Business”

    5a.        Sample Scenario

    5b.        The Three Major Factors of Selling

    5c.        Communication

6.      Meet and Greet (the first 30 seconds)

    6a.        Meet and Greet Basics

    6b.        Sample Dialogues

    6c.        Types of Greetings

    6d.        Types of Client Behaviors

    6e.        Body Language

    6f.         Scenarios

7.      Fact-Finding /Needs Analysis (Establish Trust by Listening)

    7a.        Asking Questions to Build Rapport

    7b.        Three Key Topics to Discuss

    7c.        Questions to Avoid During Fact-Finding and Why

    7d.        Fundamental Questions to Ask

    7e.        Addressing Fears and Hopes

    7f.         Scenario

8.      Sell from Stock (Best Fit for Immediate Gratification)

    8a.        Product Knowledge

    8b.        Unrealistic Demands

    8c.        Continue Trust Building

9.      Product Presentation and Demonstration – Building Value

    9a.        Building Value

    9b.        Mental Ownership & Time

    9c.        Sample Dialogue:

    9d.        The Product Presentation Using a 5-point Presentation Technique

    9e.        Product Presentation Dialogue

    9f.         Test Drive

    9g.        Test Drive Dialogue

10.    Setting the Stage – Overcoming Objections to the Vehicle and Asking for the Sale

    10a.  Sample Closings

    10b.  Objections:  Specific & Non-Specific

    10c.  Sample Scenario

    10d.  The Tour

11.    Start your Write Up /Approaching the Desk/Trade-In Evaluation

    11a.      Starting the Write Up

    11b.      Trade-information

    11c.      Approaching the Desk

    11d.      Trade Evaluation

12.    Negotiations - Presenting the Numbers, Negotiate the Offer, and Closing the Deal

    12a.  The Commitment

    12b.  Negotiation and The Close

    12c.  Various Types of Clients

    12d.  Presenting the Numbers

    12e.  Objections

    12f.  Objection: Trade-in

    12g.  Objection: Price

    12h.  Objection: Down Payment

    12i.  Objection: Payment

    12j.  Closing Techniques

    12k.  Back from the Desk Manager

13.    Delivery – The last chance you get to leave a lasting impression

    13a.  Vital Areas to Cover

14.    Turn Over (T.O.) to a Manager

15.    Logging in Your Efforts/Follow Up/Persist

16.    Prospecting

17.    Sample Scenarios – Tying in all the steps

    17a.      Scenario I

    17b.      Scenario II

    17c.      Scenario III

    17d.      Scenario IV

    17e.       Scenario VI – Straight Dialogue

    17f.      Scenario VII – Straight Dialogue

    17g.      Scenario VIII – Phone Pop “What’s Your Best Price?”

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