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Chapter 5 - The Sales Process

Every dealership has a process on how to deal with prospective clients to ensure that the sales advisor maintains control and that all the clients’ concerns are addressed, designed to move the client from a looker to a buyer.  They are similar to the samples I’ve given previously.  Know the dealerships process.

The process benefits both the client and the sales advisor. It helps the sales advisor keep the sales process moving forward, address any objections and build trust.  The process helps the client to slow down and think about their options, get all their questions answered and objections addressed.

In all sales, you first need to find the decision maker, then start building trust throughout the whole process, and then build value in you, your dealership as well as your vehicle beyond the price.  Asking questions, actively listening, being genuine and aiming to make a friend are all part of rapport building.

Never take anything in the sales process personally.  It’s a game most people play.  You won’t be able to sell to every prospective client you meet, but with time and skill, you’ll be able to sell to a majority of them.  In time, you’ll learn to make the process work for you, but in the beginning follow it step by step.

Keep in mind that 93% of communication is non-verbal.  It’s important to recognize this to address any underlying concerns your clients might have.  Look for visual non-verbal questions.

“Car sales is a numbers game” is a mantra you’ll hear again and again in the business.  Meaning, the more people you meet, the higher your chances of making a sale.  I believe that everyone goes by 13% as the average closing ratio, so if you talk to 100 people a month, you should make 13 sales.  I don’t believe this to be true.  The really good sales people have a much higher closing ration somewhere north of 25%.  This means that they’re good at what they do.  Skill is definitely involved: skill to build rapport, skill to build trust, skill to find common ground and skill to make a friend to buy from you and only you.

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